The Menopause Symptom that NO ONE Talks About

I’m taking a detour from my usual short posts to share something with you about a menopause health issue that may seem coarse – maybe even too intimate. But I’m certain many women suffer with it. In turn this problem also affects those who love these silently suffering women.


When I was going through alternative approaches to heal from cancer, I was very open about my feelings and what was happening in my body. I kept a log online that anyone could read. Some thought I was crazy; some thought I was brave; and still others were inspired by my courage.


In all the talks I’ve given, the blogs and videos I’ve created, I try to share my story and convey that I am still ‘a work in process.’ I’m no super woman who has it all together. I’m simply a woman who is determined to heal in every aspect, and I try to share what I’ve learned with you who are on the same path.


So I’m creating this post to be as open and honest as I possibly can be about a topic that I have never yet heard anyone talk about. Doctors don’t even have a viable solution for this condition. So it’s scary to make myself this vulnerable. But I trust that my words will once again inspire others.


The Basic Problem and WHY It’s a Problem

Are you in a committed and loving relationship with someone? Do you enjoy the sensuality and closeness of a physical relationship with that person? Or would you like to have that?


Humans are blessed with an extraordinary capacity for experiencing pleasure in love-making. All the touch, the play, the eroticism up to actual coitus serves to bond the participants in a deeply nourishing gift. When you feel your partner’s heartbeat next to yours and you feel his or her pleasure escalating – their energy – you connect with that person beyond just the physical. This connection sustains the relationship and supports our own feeling of well-being. A healthy physical relationship is an important part our overall health because it reaffirms our sense of being loved, of acceptance, and attractiveness.


But what if you could no longer have that intimacy? What if a woman’s vaginal opening had become so tight she wouldn’t even be able to insert a tampon or slim toy if she wanted? What if she had pain and burning with any attempt at penetration?


This is what I have struggled with for years. It started with the estrogen-positive cancer, and the need to immediately stop the massively high dose of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I had already been in menopause for years, but the HRT kept me young in a sense. Without it, the glands in my body quickly started to dry up; the vaginal tissue became less elastic, thinner, and the opening shrank.  Any breast cancer survivor on anti-hormonal therapy most likely will experience these same problems. Some women even develop this after pregnancy. Perhaps you’ve experienced dry skin, or dry eyes as you age? It’s the same concept.


My condition reached a point where inserting anything was too painful and my partner didn’t want to inflict any more on me. While I was emotionally willing and wanting, my body simply couldn’t. For some women, these conditions can result in decreased sensations or libido as well. From this understanding, it’s no wonder so many women entering menopause have little sexual desire. They talk about hot flashes and weight gain, but the rest of the symptoms are simply too embarrassing to admit. I actually felt shame for my condition. I felt that I was letting my partner down and not participating as I wanted to.


The Solution

The gynecologist I visited prescribed Clobetasol, which my body rejected in my personal energy testing. I also didn’t relish the long-term side effects of using a steroid. So I searched the internet and tried everything I could find. Vitamin E didn’t work; Sea buckthorn oil didn’t work; Gynatren, douches, antiseptics, essential oil, olive oil, lubricants – nothing worked.


The solution came to me in yet another internet search. This time I found the name for my condition. The symptoms of itching, dryness, atrophy, burning, and a foul, somewhat fishy odor are called vaginosis, and painful or uncomfortable sex is called dyspareunia.


The product I found that changed all this is NeuEve. It is suppositories of varying strengths and an optional cream, all formulated with food-grade plant-sourced ingredients (a super benefit for me because of my extreme chemical sensitivities.) The ingredients are palm oil, beeswax, vitamin E, orange oil, and a patented proprietary blend of amino acids and vitamins that nourish the vaginal mucous tissues.


That’s the key – ‘nourish.’ To use the dry eyes analogy again, you can place lubricating drops in the eyes, but it’s only temporary relief; within a day or less, the eyes will be dry again because the glands that produce the moisture dry up as we age.


NeuEve is different. It doesn’t just give temporary relief; it actually works to restore the glands that produce the mucus and elasticity of the vagina by providing nutrients to the local tissue.  So it REVERSES atrophy, relieves itching, burning, dryness, odors, and has the potential to improve orgasms. To my mind, it is nothing short of brilliant!


About the Company

The company and product were created by Dr. Renjie Chang, M.D., M.S. She worked as an Ob-Gyn in the Peking Union Hospital in China, was a faculty member of Ob-Gyn at University of Omaha Health Sciences Center, and was a drug developer at the Abbott Laboratories in Chicago. She established her company, Lavax, Inc., with grants from NIH and Gates Foundation to develop an innovative vaginal microbiocide for preventing sexualDr. Chang developed natural relief for this menopause symptomly transmitted disease. Her NeuEve products became a spin-off of this innovative technology. In other words, she knows her stuff!


Right now it’s a very small company in terms of staffing, but they are most personable and quick to reply to questions and help select the appropriate strength to start with. There are lots of raving reviews on the website, and Dr. Chang tells me that to date, over 50,000 women have benefited from NeuEve. The oldest one is 86!


In full disclosure, I want you to know that I received two months-worth of product, and agreed to write a review in exchange. I am happy to report, that even if I hadn’t received this free product, I would still be touting its praises because the product has been a god-send for me. I can now look forward to an intimate relationship again, something I feared I would never be able to full enjoy again.


The Downside

Very little. Because they are natural products that work to restore, not just cover up temporarily, they do take a bit of time. It was two months before the odor banished and I started to experience a significant difference in symptoms. In the grand scheme of things, two months is pretty insignificant. Patient partners can enjoy experimenting and discovering through the progress.


The other thing you need to understand is that the restoration of the glands is not permanent. Aging will eventually begin to take its toll again without regular use of the product. That said, most of us spend money on HRT, supplements, memberships to clubs or gyms, health insurance, organic foods, and maybe even sexy undergarments and erotic toys. We invest in ourselves. We find the means for those products or services that help us, give the results we want, and make us feel good. NeuEve products fit in that category.



If you or a loved one is struggling with vaginosis or dyspareunia, you are not alone. There is no shame in these conditions and there is nothing you’ve done to cause them. Neither are they ‘use it or lose it’ conditions. For example, if you don’t walk for 10 years your leg muscles can become atrophied. But these vaginal tissues are directly related to the reduction of hormones, not to muscular activity. They are natural symptoms of aging and there is no reason why we need to hide this and suffer in silence any longer. We just need to get over our shame – and that’s a big one for me. So thank you for letting me share, and for your continued interest.


NeuEve Silk suppositories

You’ve heard me say many times that I want to help people age with less pain and more energy. I recommend any woman with these conditions try NeuEve products for less painful, more pleasurable sexual activity and increased sexual energy. Can you imagine the emotional impact on your self-esteem, on your feeling of attractiveness, and your relationship with your partner?  We don’t have to dry up and grow old!


P.S.To learn how to use an energy test for yourself, read further:

P.S.S. I like this product so much, I’ve been telling my friends and YOU about it ever since I started using it. So as of 08/09/2018 I have become a NeuEve affiliate. That means, if you purchase something from them after this date, I may receive a small commission. I just wanted you to know that, but commission or not, it’s still a great product. It took about a year for me to get the full results I was after, but it’s definitely worth it. With patience, time, and NeuEve, you’ll be feeling much better and back in the swing of things!


17 thoughts on “The Menopause Symptom that NO ONE Talks About

  1. Billie Sarantopulos Mawing

    I cannot thank you enough for this recommendation. At 66 there has been no sex since 2001 simply due to pain. It hurts to sit for a long period. I can hardly wait to try this product.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Billie, and for YOUR courage in posting. I think it’s an important topic that needs to be brought to light, and the more women who are willing to speak up about it, the more awareness there will be. I hope you find relief with this product as I did!

  2. Derbyjlt

    I have used the “silk” version of this product for 2 months. I am finding that after inserting the suppository at night before bedtime, the suppository discharges almost in tact (but warm) by 9 am the next day. I am questioning the amount of creme that actually got absorbed. I wear a mini pad the day after to catch any additional discharges. On the days where most of the suppository comes out, discharges are minimal. I don’t know what to do. i haven’t experienced a great change in pain during intercourse. right now it is at the sandpaper stage. help!

    1. admin Post author

      Hello, and thank you for your post. I’m sorry you’re having this problem; it must be extremely frustrating for you – not to mention painful. I have not had enough experience with this to give you sound guidance. But I will ask Dr. Chang, and I suggest that you also contact NeuEve and start a ‘chat’ conversation. Maybe together we can get you some relief. Please, let’s post what we find out on this page, so that others who may have the same problem can learn. Thank you.

      1. admin Post author

        Here is Dr. Chang’s response on the issue you are having: Yes. Cream can better help late stage atrophy sufferers. The NeuEve suppository is made with a mixture of fat-soluble and water-soluble ingredients, like a multiple vitamin pill, in which vitamin C and B are water-soluble, while vitamin A, D, E and K are fat-soluble. When a woman is very dry, the water-soluble ingredients cannot be fully dissolved due to the lack of secretion. The fat-soluble ones are melt within 20 minutes and can be fully absorbed as it is not dependent on water. The undissolved water-soluble components will be expelled either as a whole piece or as small pieces inconspicuously. She can benefit 100% of the fat-soluble ingredients but only some water-soluble ones at the early recovery stages. The ratio between oil and water-soluble ingredients is 70/30 in a NeuEve suppository. Therefore, she can benefit >70% of the suppository and did not lose too much.

        The cream is 100% oil-soluble, with no water-soluble ingredients. Therefore, women with extreme dryness can benefit from the NeuEve cream 100%. We recommend that she can try the cream, a tiny bit daily, for 1 month to help relieve her extreme dryness. Then, she can start using the Silk suppository plus cream. For a full recovery, she will need the suppository because many essential nutrients are water-soluble.

        1. Derbyjlt

          How many months of cream and suppository do i use before i know that it is really not working? I have done 2. Thanks!

          1. admin Post author

            You are most welcome, Derbyjlt.

            From my own experience, I know that natural healing takes time, even to make small changes. Whether it is this issue or any other disorder of the body, when using natural treatments it is important to pay close attention to the body. Keeping a simple journal of your symptoms as you take a few moments in the day to ‘check in and assess’ will help. Very gradually you will begin to notice changes, especially as you look back when you first started the journal.

            Here is Dr. Chang’s reply to your question:
            The time needed to see positive result on NeuEve depends on your degree of dryness and atrophy. Assuming you are in perfect health with just dryness without atrophy, you can find relief immediately with NeuEve. If atrophy (shrinking of the vaginal tissue) has occurred (painful sex or unable to have intercourse), it will take 1-4 months to reverse the atrophy. However, if you have hysterectomy, cancer treatment, Sjogren’s, or lichen sclerosus, you will need to a little longer period because reversal of atrophy takes more time with these health conditions.

            We can use reversal of osteoporosis (the atrophy of bones) as an example. If you have had a history or osteoporosis for 10 years, you will need to take calcium pills plus vitamin D for 3-4 months to see some improvement of bone density on the X-ray film. If you do not see improvement in just two months and decide that calcium is not working and quit on calcium supplement, your osteoporosis will become worse. It may be too late to take calcium pills again later once fracture occurs.

            NeuEVe is not hormone. It reverses vaginal atrophy by nutritional supplement like calcium and vitamin D for bones. It works slowly, but it is still faster and better than most alternatives including estrogen based on thousands of customers’ feedback. Reversal of aging will take time especially for women with many years of atrophy. For more information about how to help NeuEve work better, please visit

            However, if you are anxious and cannot wait for 3-4 months, we suggest the following:

            1) You can take calcium, vitamin D3, and flaxseed oil supplements to help NeuEve work better.
            2) You can take estrogen in combination with NeuEve to help speed up the relief, if your family does not have a breast cancer history.
            3) You can apply dilator exercise in combination with NeuEve to help it work better.
            4) You can try Mona Lisa Touch Laser in combination with NeuEve. It works by creating micro-wounds to stimulate reversal of atrophy. It costs about 40 times of NeuEve.

            To date, the oldest woman who has benefited from NeuEve is 86 years old. She has full recovery of vaginal atrophy just by using NeuEve without hormones, and she is sexually active without pain. This indicates that NeuEve can work and it just take some time. Please be patient to allow NeuEve to work for you.

            Best regards,

            Dr. Chang

    2. Kevin Tao (NeuEve)

      Hi Derbyjlt!

      We have an FAQ answer specifically for your question:

      Some women may have suffered dryness for a long time, so that they do not have enough secretion to dissolve the water-soluble portion of the NeuEve suppository. The suppository includes both oil-soluble and water-soluble materials like a multi-vitamin pill (e.g., vitamin E is oil soluble while vitamin C is water soluble). As a result, a portion of the water-soluble materials may leak out. You should not be worried about this. Each time when you use a NeuEve suppository, a small portion of the water-soluble material will be dissolved. Gradually, the glands will become revived and more and more water-soluble materials will be dissolved and play a role in the maintenance of feminine wellness.

  3. Barbara Pytlewski

    I was so pleased to read your story! I had a radical hysterectomy 28 years ago at age 43 for uterine cancer. Since then, I’ve had 4 more cancers, all due to a genetic mutation….Lynch Syndrome. My vagina has completely shrunk and dried up since I got a divorce 5 years ago and have not had sex
    since then. I am contemplating a relationship and need help, as my opening is tight and very small. I will order this product today! I’m just not sure which strength to get. I like you, had to stay away from anything containing hormones and steroids.
    Thanks so much for your story. By the way, 10 years ago, I had Stage 4 cancer of the ureters and was given 2 years to live! I am very blessed to be alive and relatively healthy today. I cycle, play tennis and hike.I am so grateful and life is beautiful!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing your story. What a journey you’ve gone through! Clearly it has made you stronger, and has changed your way of viewing the world. Congratulations on your recovery and your new-found sense of gratitude. I’m sure that ripples out to all those you come into contact with.

      As for the strength of the product to take, they recommend you start with the lowest one, which I believe is Silk. Then gradually work your way up to Silver then Gold. The is also a creme that you can use which helps to speed the process.

      Lately they have added a magnetized dilator to their line. I haven’t tried it, but you may want to consider that also if you are in a hurry since you are entering into a relationship. Just remember that there are many ways to enjoy a fulfilling, sensual and passionate physical relationship, even if the vaginal opening is a little tight for now.

      Wishing you much happiness and a loving relationship, Barbara!

  4. Glenda Welch

    How do you feel about this product today? I just started using it. I’m a little worried about product purity. The packaging (box) was not sealed and seemed I don’t know. I think it is helping but I don’t want to use something that has questionable ingredients.

    1. admin Post author

      I still like this product. and have no concerns about the safety of the ingredients. Yes, it has helped keep the dyspareunia symptoms at bay, and I feel much better. It DID take quite a long time for the symptoms to abate though.

  5. Vera Vernig

    I ordered the Silk suppositories. What on earth is in it…some escaped onto my panty liner and caused abrasion to external parts! I rubbed some on my forearm and it feels just like silica sand and was not absorbed, I had to brush it off my arm. I have tried to email the good Doctor and she simply evades my question ” what is the ingredient that causes the abrasion?” I don’t want to know the whole list of proprietary ingredients, just the one that feels like sand!
    I do like the cream very much.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your question. I don’t have enough knowledge or experience with decongestants and expectorants to recommend anything. I can tell you that in the plant world, there are some that are often used for these purposes, including mullein, marshmallow leaf and root, mullein, and horehound leaf. A little research would probably yield much information for you. Wishing you good health.

      1. admin Post author

        I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with this product. I’m not privy to the proprietary ingredients content. Try asking Kevin if you can’t get to the doctor.


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