A Different Approach to ‘Viewing’ the Eclipse

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st; maybe not as much on the August 7th Lunar Eclipse. Both of these make August a very potent month. It’s simply a great time energetically to bring awareness to our intentions and put them into action – no special eyeglasses needed to view the eclipse from this perspective.

I’ve been doing this in my qigong (Daoist) practice, as part of the Year of the Fire Rooster practice. But I am delighted to share with you some wisdom from a different perspective, from my friend Ashera Serfaty. Ashera, a shamanic healer based in Seattle and Peru, generously offers these tips for maximizing the energetic effects of this rare path of nature.   

For tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse, take time to focus your intentions for a right relationship with your life and the earth. Weave gratitude into all your intentions, carrying the sense of balance and harmony out into our community and the world.

Whether you are in the path of totality watching the Solar Eclipse or not, you will receive this potent energy download no matter who you are. This phenomenon will affect us whether we put our attention to it or not. Eclipses intensify what is in our fields and what we are giving attention to. So, the key is to pay attention and prepare, so that we can receive the highest possible outcomes and the quantum changes that are available to each of us. It is essential to prepare ourselves. Here are some helpful practices:

1. Prepare your energy by cleansing your energy field, chakras, thoughts and deepening into meditation and mindfulness practices. At least a few days before, start emptying out your thoughts and mind. Be careful what you put into your mind. Take a break from media, stressful situations and stimulation. It’s a great time to focus on those things that raise your vibration.

2. Don’t try to change or fix your moods, but allow them to pass through your system naturally. Pass through the shadow and receive the wisdom there. As old challenges, beliefs, patterns and thoughts come up, use this time as an opportunity to embody the wisdom and alchemy of transmutation through alignment with the Divine Will, Love and Compassion.

4. Remember to pause throughout your day to reflect on what you are grateful for.

5. Stay present, and as the wisdom keepers say “Dream a new world into being.”

6. Some quick and easy ways of raising your vibration are with essential oils. Use frankincense, lavender, and rose daily.

The more our vessels are clear the more we can receive the energy and make huge shifts. There will be cascade effects that impact more than just our own individual lives. The energy will allow us to walk in a new way, if we use it.  This particular eclipse is very powerful, so in order to utilize its energy to the fullest potential, we need to prepare so we can be lightning rods for this transformation. Use this time in the weeks leading up to the eclipse to step into a higher vibration in yourself.

Thanks to Ashera for share these guidelines. I’ll be telling you more about her upcoming retreats in Peru, but meantime, if you are interested in shamanic healing, she offers private sessions and can be reached here.  

Just to be clear, neither Daoism nor Shamanism are religions, but rather spiritual practices. They are simply a way of life with purpose to connect with nature and all creation. People who follow these teachings seek to develop a direct relationship with whatever they perceive as a higher power, and use the information/guidance they receive from ‘non-ordinary reality’ to intentionally form their own life experience.  Pretty cool, huh?


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