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Barbara Kingsolver Gets It

Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef

Barbara Kingsolver gets it. She understands our relationship to the oceans and the Earth.

I was deeply moved by her poem to the Great Barrier reef. It brought up simple comparisons that we, as humans, would do well to take to heart.

Please take a moment to read this wrenching poem by Barbara Kingsolver and perhaps you too will be inspired to see this magnificent earth with greater awareness.

Why is it that we mourn historic man-made structures that reflect a specific state of societal inequality, when we ignore old-as-the-earth structures made by a presence greater than ourselves? Why do we care so much for monuments to the greatness of man, and forget the greatness of that which sustains life on earth? 

We are all connected to each other and to the Earth. Indeed, Mother Earth sustains us. How, you ask? Oceans produce over half the oxygen we breathe. Trees cleanse the air we breathe. Wetlands filter the fresh water we drink. Bees and other wildlife pollinate the food we eat. In other words, when we ignore these immutable facts, we ultimately ignore our own health and well-being. 

As a society we spend billions of dollars on anti-aging and longevity products. Yet, if we are truly to live long, healthy lives, we simply cannot ignore our connection with the Earth. Similarly, clean air and water, nutritious food, and respect for our natural environment will most likely add more healthy years to our life than all the supplements, drugs and gadgets money could buy.

Please share this poem with others, post your comment below, and thank you for joining with me and others to help raise consciousness about our vital connection to Earth. Clearly Barbara Kingsolver gets it – let’s help others ‘Get It’ too.

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