Can Trees Predict Earthquakes & Trigger Human Emotions?


You have a chance to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Those who have been to any of my presentations or FIND YOUR CALM classes may remember that I mention the work of a company called Heart Math. Since 1991 they have been researching all matters of the heart, to help people incorporate the intelligence of the heart into their everyday life.


But lately it’s not only the heart they’ve been studying. Over the past 10 months they’ve focused on exploring the energetic relationship between humans and…..TREES! What a concept!


The initial phase of their study is completed, and they are giving a free webinar on May 6th to share their findings and what’s next. Their information on the heart and how it broadcasts our emotions is pretty mind-blowing, and I’m thinking this human-tree connection is going to be even more amazing.


That’s why I’m excited to share this information with you. Heart Math Institute Director of Research Rollin McCraty will present their findings twice that day, so take your pick of times:


Giving a Voice to Nature: A Global Network for Monitoring Tree Potentials
Saturday, May 6. (A Free HeartMath/GCI webinar)
Register for 11 to 12 pm (PDT) or Register for 6 to 7 pm (PDT) 


What you will learn …

  • History of the tree potentials research.
  • Tree communication and intelligence.
  • The surprisingly complexity of tree rhythms.
  • How trees may be able to predict earthquakes.
  • Creation of a global network of citizen researchers to monitor tree potentials.
  • Can electrical responses in multiple trees reflect events that trigger emotional outpouring in large numbers of people?


By the way, I don’t receive any compensation or trade of any sort by sharing this information with you. I simply believe it’s important research that will link us even closer to the potentials of trees.


When I need a dose of nature, my first choice is always a forest or someplace where there are lots of trees. In some special way, they calm and rejuvenate me. And when I stretch my arms around the massive, gnarly trunk of a beautiful old-growth tree, I can feel the vibrant pulse of life resonating in my own chest.


Maybe in this webinar I’ll learn the answer to what I’ve always wondered: are they communicating with my heart? Maybe Heart Math has learned the answer.





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