Cooking Classes

How to Prepare Quick, Healthy Meals without Recipes

Tired of spending money on take-out when you’re pressed for time? In this class you’ll learn key skills to whip up nutritious, scrumptious meals in your own home. I’m talkin’ the kind you need to get on the table in about the time it takes to order out and bring food home. Can you imagine how much money that would save you each month? Not to mention your food choices would most likely be much better for you.

In this 3-hour demonstration class you’ll learn:
+ What makes a meal ‘healthy’
+ How to maximize your success
+ The pain-free way to quick prep
+ Coaxing flavor out to enhance depth
+ ‘Mystery Box’
+ How to pull together soups, stir-fries, and one-dish meals in minutes, utilizing whatever you have on hand

I’ll help you unleash your creativity in the kitchen without stressing over long lists of ingredients and recipes that never look like the pictures!

This class is whole plant food based and can be adapted to omnivore, vegetarian and vegan eating styles. All cooking skill-levels welcome.

Space is extremely limited – and I’m not just sayin’ this. Register early if you want to learn.

Demonstration & Lively Discussion

Location: Friday Harbor, WA (additional details mailed upon registration)

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Cooking Classes Available by Private Groups Only