Two Styles to Choose From:

Yi Ren Qigong®

Mt. Emei Sage/Shaman Style Qigong

Yi Ren Qigong, Authentic Qi Cultivation for Health & Happiness:

Yi Ren® Qigong (pronounced “Yee Ren Chee-gung”) uniquely integrates ancient Chinese mind/body/spirit energy cultivation techniques with modern science, using gentle meditative exercises to access and develop the body’s bio-energetic ‘Qi’ system for greater health, vitality, and self-awareness. This form helps the practitioner reduce stress, gain clear intellectual and emotional functioning, and improve physical energy and health.

Class times are a combination of discussion, and gentle meditative movements, and internal observation. All movements can be done standing or from a sitting position. Optional  manual and DVD available for download.

‘Authentic Qi cultivation leads to exploring and realizing the True Self, experiencing True Love, and awakening True Wisdom within in order to live a healthy and happy life.’ ~ Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D., Founder of Yi Ren® Qigong, Director of the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine.

“Stephanie has a warm, lovely presence; wonderful, enjoyable teaching style….very focused and helpful…specific instructions that are easy to follow…”

“I learned a lifelong discipline for enhanced wellness and expanding my inner awareness. I experienced a big shift in vitality after each practice, and overall sense of calm, as well as an inner strength.”

Introduction to Yi Ren Qigong:

How are your energy levels? Can you get through the day without crashing or relying on caffeine and sugar to boost your productivity? Do you need more balance in your life, or a better way to enhance your spiritual practice?

Your vitality is the direct correlation to your overall physical, emotional and spiritual health. How much energy you have shapes your life and indicates how well or poorly you are aging.

When were were kids, most of us had all kinds of energy and slept like babies. Hormones were running wildly. As we age, hormone production declines; we lose that ability to ‘recharge’ with sleep.

In this class find out how Yi Ren Qigong can help you regain that ‘Vibrant Body and Peaceful Mind.’ You’ll learn simple exercises you can do any time, anywhere to recharge. Exercises may be done standing or seated and are suitable for most physical levels.

“Stephanie has a warm, lovely presence; wonderful, enjoyable teaching style….very focused and helpful…specific instructions that are easy to follow…”

“I learned a lifelong discipline for enhanced wellness and expanding my inner awareness. I experienced a big shift in vitality after each practice, and overall sense of calm, as well as an inner strength.”

Introduction to Yi Ren Qigong Session Options:

Live In-Person Class: Thursday, September 26, 6:30-8:00 pm. Location: Skagit Valley Food Co-Op, 202 South 1st St., Mt Vernon WA, upstairs in meeting room. 90-minutes, Free. To register: Call Skagit Valley Food Co-Op to register, 360.336.5087, ext 136. 

Stephanie’s focus and dedication to the practice is superior. She seems to breathe the techniques and sequences from her bones and yet at the same time is very conscious of how the instruction is being received by the students so learning is maximized. She brings a deep level of awareness to the practice which changes the energy of the group to one of acceptance and openness. I really appreciated her approach, encouragement and helpfulness. The practice itself of Yi Ren is very powerful. I felt a strong connection to my energy systems and the benefits of the different techniques. I would highly recommend this school of Qigong as well as Stephanie as an instructor. “

“I’m more able to control my internal stress …

Foundation 1A (part 1 of 2)

Qi is our body’s ‘Life Force Energy.’ We all have it, but in our modern society, we’ve lost touch with it or it’s become depleted. This disconnection contributes to anxiety, depression, and overall poor sleep and health. The purpose of Foundation 1A&B exercises is to activate and balance the energy field, enhance the internal energy levels, and cultivate the body’s internal energy communication system.

In this first of two foundation classes, I’ll introduce you to the natural steps of Qi activation, teach you how to cultivate or increase the balance of the Qi, and ground the Qi.

This class includes exercises to:

  • activate the kidneys and ‘Life Gate’, our body’s ‘internal power station’ of the energy system
  • activate and enhance the body’s major energy centers for over all health and well-being 
  • Ground the body’s Qi to feel more rooted
  • Remove unhealthy energies and by-products for healthier energy flow
  • Restore more natural and youthful breathing
  • Release tension from the shoulder area
  • Balance Yin and Yang energies for more harmonious energy
  • Reduce the noise of the mind to reduce anxiety and restore internal peace

Optional study manual $15 and DVD $33 available for digital download.

“This class has helped me listen…to life, self, nature, myself”

I have increased ability to release and let go of negative experiences…

Foundation 1A Session Options:

Live In-Person Class: October 3 – November 21, 2019, 5:30-7:00 pm. Location: Skagit Valley College San Juan Center, Room A, upstairs at end of hall. Eight sessions, $90. To Register: call the college, 360.378.3220. Read the college cancellation/refund policy here.

Live On-Line Class: October 15 – December 17, 2019, 11:30am-1:00pm. Eight sessions, $120 (No classes 11/20-12/9.) To Register: CLICK HERE. Read my cancellation/refund policy here. Must register minimum 24 hours before start of first class. 

“I would encourage anyone to try it on for size, as the benefits could be far reaching.”

Worthwhile class – tip of a positive iceberg..or energy-berg”

More About My Teacher:

This form of Qigong blends ancient teaching with modern science. It was developed by Dr. Guan Chang Sun, Ph.D., Director of the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Sun was trained in ancient Qigong methods starting at age nine by his grand-uncle, a Qigong school lineage holder. His full-time employment was as a molecular biologist. With this deep understand of the human DNA and cellular functions, Dr. Sun ‘upgraded’ the ancient Qigong forms for more rapid delivery of results.

He taught this upgraded, powerful form in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department at Bastyr University, Washington state’s premier natural health school. With students getting such positive results from the practice, he decided to pursue his own school dedicated to the teachings of Qigong, www.IQIM.org.

Move Into Mindfulness Qigong

5 Dragons Qigong:  No classes currently scheduled. Private lessons available.

Location: Studio JAMM, 55 2nd Street

Click  Here To Schedule

Description: Mt. Emei Sage/Shaman style 5 Dragons Qigong is an ancient Chinese mind/body technique to enhance the body’s bio-energy system for greater health, vitality, and self-awareness.  In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of power, strength and good luck. Metaphysically, the Dragon works with the power of the spirit, healing and divine connection.

The 5 Dragons Qigong form is especially physical, offering strength and balance training intertwined in the energetic and spiritual forms.

This is an excellent practice to calm the mind, increase vitality, and enhance focused attention. The flowing movements are similar to Tai Chi but done in place, making it an excellent home practice, especially in small spaces.

The varied movement provide an opportunity to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, improve balance, increase vitality, harmonize the organ network system, calm the mind, and enhance focused attention.

“Stephanie has a lovely gentle way about her, exudes kindness, is clear, and very approachable.”

“Stephanie holds the energy in the room beautifully, and enhances the students’ experience of their own energies” “

Very grounding, supportive and easy to follow.”

More about my teacher: Master Zhongxian Wu, holder of four Daoist Lineages, prolific author, and world-renown Master of classical Chinese healing arts and traditions. MasterWu.net

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More about Qigong: Excerpt from  Qi:The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness, Summer 2018, article by Stephanie D. Harper:

‘Qigong is practiced in the internal and external habits that mold us, shaping the outward expression of our lives. Our bodies, like nature, grow from the inside out. Thus, we practice cultivating our qi in our body, organs and the wisdom mind, building the spirit temple in the heart every day. We become soft, supple, strong and responsive, full of vital life force, and become our own alchemists as we transform energy in the body. In turn, we come more in tune with elements within us and within existence, thus we come in to harmony with ourselves and the universe. With practice it comes with ease.”

Past Sessions:

Yi Ren® Qigong: Level 1 Part 1

Visiting certified Yi Ren® Qigong instructor Jan Weedman is one of the most experienced instructors at the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine (IQ&IM). San Juan Island resident Stephanie Prima, Yi Ren® Qigong teacher in training, will assist in the seminars and conduct practice sessions.

About the Class:

Yi Ren® Qigong for Self Care, Level 1 Part 1

In addition to Saturday class times below, practice sessions supplement the    instruction on Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 PM (Jan 31, Feb 14, Feb 28, March 21)

5813 CPE 038 AP Class meets on Saturdays, January 27, February 10, February 24, and March 10, 2018. COST: $145.00 including study materials.


About the Instructors:

Janet WeedmanJan Weedman discovered a whole new world of self-healing and realization when she began practicing Yi Ren® Qigong with Dr. Sun in 1998. After teaching reading in public schools for 20+ yeats in Western WA, she relocated to Spokane and established the Spokane Yi Ren® Qigong community. She has been a Yi Ren® Qigong Certified Teacher since 2007 and currently serves a a mentor in the IQ&IM Teacher Certification Training Program.

Stephanie PrimaStephanie Prima works with people who are beginning to feel the pain of aging and are afraid of that slippery slope. She helps them age with less pain and the energy of a much young person. “I have been amazed at the rapid results I’ve experienced in practicing Yi Ren® Qigong at the institute, and I’m excited to bring this powerful self-care and healing practice to the islands.’

Moving Parts Healthy Hearts II

Current Class Session: Thursdays, October 5 through November 30, 2017, 9:30 – 10:15am

Location: Village at the Harbour, Spring Street, Friday Harbor

Description:  The movements of this class are designed to  increase joint mobility and overall strength, with added elements for standing balance exercises and mind/body awareness. God for stress reduction and people who aren’t ready for a traditional active exercise class, but want to get their blood and body moving.

Cost: $47

To Register: Contact Island Rec, 360.378-4953, or click here.

FIND YOUR CALM: Moving Meditation

Location: Island Arts Collective, Cannery Landing, top floor, first door on the right, Friday Harbor.

Description: You’re working in a stressful job, taking care of kids, aging parents, or all of the above. You’re helping out a few non-profits here and there, and fighting your unsettling anxiety and frustration with our country’s current political mess. It seems like you’re getting less and less done, feeling pretty worn out, and barely hanging on by your fingernails. Does that about sum it up?

I know what that feels like because I’ve been there. But I found something that has helped me improve my focus, my energy, my sleep, and my overall well-being. It’s moving meditation, and that’s why I created a class called FIND YOUR CALM.  The class includes discussion as well as exercises, and runs for 6 weeks on Mondays beginning April 17, 5:15 – 6:30.     

Yah, I know, you think you can’t meditate because your brain won’t calm down. That’s the point of ‘moving’; it’s much easier to reach that peaceful state when you’re focusing on the simple, gentle moves that I’ll teach you, and the sensations in your body. In each class session, I’ll give you simple tools and a short sequence of easy exercises that you can use on your own, anytime, anywhere.

In fact, once you cultivate the habit of slowing down with these simple movements and meditations, it feels so luscious, you’ll find yourself actually setting aside time to do it.  And with regular practice, you’ll learn to focus better so you get more done; prioritize to spend your precious time on the things that are most important in your life; energize your life force so you can get through the day without feeling depleted; and improve your general outlook on life. Moving meditation offers all the things that traditional meditation does, but I find it to be much more gratifying – but of course, I’m biased.

If you’re ready to take control of your life and your health, register below; scroll down to FIND YOUR CALM. The session is $97, no drop-ins. Email me or call if you have questions, [email protected]