E.M.T for Your Health Class

Discover 3 powerful keys to aging with less pain and more energy! It’s happening:- you’ve got extra weight that you can’t get off. You’re stressed and starting to feel aches and pains, and you just don’t have the energy that you used to have. You know you need to do something before you go down that slippery slope called ‘aging.’ But you can’t seem to get motivated, or nothing you’ve tried sticks. Sound familiar? Join me.

What you’ll learn

In this tele class I’ll share my top steps that I used to heal from cancer, lose weight (and keep it off for good,) and feel YEARS younger – the same steps I share with private clients. You’ll walk away from this call with powerful insights that will inspire you to take charge of your health and aging!

  • Learn the most impactful things you can do (and not do) for healthy eating habits¬†
  • Discover the secret to successfully moving the body to increase vitality
  • Uncover the surprising secret behind physical pain for many of us

Whether you’ve been at it awhile or are just starting out, you’ll get at least 1 BIG insight and practical action you can use immediately to start decreasing pain and increasing energy.


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