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Here is your free gift.  Using this tool, you will KNOW exactly what your body wants and does not want, whether it’s foods or supplements. This knowledge will empower you to eat right for YOUR body. So though it is a very simple tool, if you practice and use the test regularly, it can have a far-reaching impact.

Then it becomes a matter of choice: honoring what your body wants, or giving in to what your mind or emotions want. I suggest you love yourself and give your hard-working body what it wants.

Be sure to practice this at home before you use it when you’re in the grocery store or supplement section. Make sure you’re grounded and focused, and test with your name, as I instruct in the video. Practice with things you already have in your kitchen, until you feel comfortable with the process and your body responds regularly.It’s actually a lot of fun discovering which foods your body really likes and doesn’t like.

Once you start doing this, your body will automatically respond when you hold something close to your solar plexus or ‘wisdom gate;’ you won’t even need to ask the question. It is simply responding to the vibrational energy of the product – either attracted to it, repelled by it, or neutral to it.

Once you’re comfortable with the process and ready to ‘take it out for a spin’ in the grocery story, if you’re concerned what others might think, you can stand quietly in the grocery store, pick up a package or food and hold it close to your body while you’re studying the product; no one ever needs to know what you’re doing.

If you have questions or need help on this, email me,  [email protected] – I’m happy to help! THEN, book your free 1-hour session with me to Discover Your Path to Minimize Pain and Maximize Energy – just click on the link below for details.

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