Move Into Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and Our World

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Regardless of how you voted  in the presidential election, there is no mistaking the high level of anger and anxiety, and lack of patience and compassion that permeate our world today. We live in our head, and are easily swayed and stressed by the pulls and expectations of society, never giving ourselves time to think things through. It’s no wonder mindfulness is now being taught in grammar school classrooms with impressive results.

Meanwhile, both children and adults are getting sicker every year while our country spends the most money on health care of any industrialized country in the world. Many have simply accepted pain and disease as a part of aging, and have no idea how to achieve relief.

Do you think  these two states of being have some correlation? I DO! That’s why I created a special workshop, coming up on January 8th, at Wave Street Studios in Monterey, California. I believe that true mindfulness is not just about ‘being present’ but about continued self-healing and cultivation to allow the inherent beauty, creativity, and goodness in us to come through.


In my experience the more grounded and centered we are, the better choices we make for our own health. We then conduct ourselves from a place of ‘everyone has what they need” rather than “I need more.” We stand firm in our beliefs rather than being buffeted and swayed by the angst and negative energy that surrounds us. The stronger we become within ourselves, the more beneficial influence we have to those around us. This in turn has a ripple effect on the world around us.

Let’s face it: science has proven that most of the diseases and illnesses that plague our world today are lifestyle driven. If we want a better life for ourselves and our future, NOW is the time to start changing our approach to health and aging.

I know how to do it! I‘ve done it and continue to work on it, and intend to keep learning and growing until the day I die. In this workshop, I’ll give you the same tools I used plus many new ones I’ve picked up in my journey to optimal health. Come to the workshop and find out for yourself – and ask me what I’m working on now.

For more information and to register go to Hope to see you there – and please share this with someone you know who is ready for change.



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