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Qigong for COVID-19

Stephanie Prima Small Universe ExerciseThis Qigong for COVID-19 exercise sequence was designed specifically to reduce anxiety and support the lungs and immune system. The exercises can be done as shown in the sequence, or individually if you don’t have time for all of them. You can also stop the video at any time, and do more of the exercises that resonate with you. 

Please watch the introduction before you do the exercises for the first time. The introduction includes additional instructions you’ll need to know during the sequence. On subsequent viewings you can scroll to the start of the sequence. The entire sequence runs about 50 minutes.

As always, please connect with me if you have any questions, [email protected], or 360.940.0063. 

For more simple Mindfulness and Qigong exercises that are especially helpful during these stressful times, please see this blog. You’ll also find lifestyle suggestions to support your immune system on this same post. 

CORRECTION: Ooops! I must have had opening video jitters. When locating the LaoGung point on the hand, it’s closer to the middle finger, not the ring finger. I actually feel it on my hand between the two fingers, depending on how I curl the other fingers toward the palm. Same thing at the top of the hand, the energy point is between the two bones of the ring and middles fingers. Just feel for it as everyone’s body is different. Please contact me with any questions or help regarding your practice.

For a listing of some of the many medical studies on the benefits of Qigong, please click this link.

For Those Who Would Like to Delve Deeper

I teach people how to open the energy centers, harmonize the internal organ network, and create the internal alchemy for smooth Qi flow. This leads to better health, greater self-knowledge and improved spiritual awareness. Currently I am offering private and semi-private group sessions online. Know someone who would like to join you? With online sessions you CAN be with them, learning together for self-help and greater longevity. You can connect with me through [email protected] or 360.940.0063. Let’s talk about your needs.

Here’s the standard disclaimer: these suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. If you feel ill in any way, please consult a physician. Pay attention to your own body’s needs, and understand that you undertake any of these suggestions at your own risk.


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