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Stephanie Prima Vital Water Mudra

Now Teaching Private Qigong Sessions

How are your energy levels? Can you get through the day without crashing or relying on caffeine and sugar to boost your productivity? Do you need more balance in your life, or a better way to enhance your spiritual practice?

Your vitality is the direct correlation to your overall physical, emotional and spiritual health. How much energy you have shapes your experience and the overall quality of your life. 

In our sessions you’ll learn how to regain that ‘Vibrant Body and Peaceful Mind.’ You’ll learn simple exercises you can do any time, anywhere to recharge. Exercises may be done standing or seated and are suitable for most physical levels.

“I learned a lifelong discipline for enhanced wellness and expanding my inner awareness. I experienced a big shift in vitality after each practice, and overall sense of calm, as well as an inner strength.”


What Is Qigong? 

Qigong, pronounced “Chee-gong”, is a meditative movement practice developed through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is the energetic foundation of acupuncture and Tai Chi . There are thousands of different Qigong styles today, and millions of people practicing world-wide because of its remarkable health benefits. Even physicians in Wuhan, China are leading quarantined patients in traditional Qigong forms.

Qi is our body’s ‘Life Force Energy.’ We all have it, but in our modern society, we’ve lost touch with it or it’s become depleted. Qigong uses gentle meditative exercises to access and develop the body’s bio-energetic ‘Qi’ system for greater health, vitality, and self-awareness. With regular practice, practitioners typically reduce stress, calm the mind, sleep deeper, increase the ability to focus, experience improved emotional functioning, and improved physical energy and health. 

I am trained in both traditional, Shamanic styles and more modern versions. Currently I am teaching the more modern versions in my Move Into Mindfulness Qigong ‘moving meditation’ sessions. They uniquely integrate ancient Chinese mind/body/spirit energy cultivation techniques with forms that are compatible with the hectic pace of modern life. 

It’s much easier to reach a peaceful state when you’re focusing on the simple, gentle moves that I’ll teach you, and the sensations of moving Authentic Qi through your body. 

“Stephanie has a warm, lovely presence; wonderful, enjoyable teaching style… very focused and helpful…specific instructions that are easy to follow.”

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What You’ll Learn

Our sessions focus on: 

  • Activating the energy field and opening the energy gates, centers, and channels, enabling Qi to flow smoothly for improved health
  • Harmonizing the organ network so the organs come back into balance and harmony to effect healing
  • Creating that inner alchemy of the 3 Treasures (Essence, Qi, Spirit) that works to align Body, Mind, and Spirit for greater self knowledge and awareness of being one with the Universal Energies.

There’s no special equipment or clothing required. All you need is to wear flat, comfortable shoes and clothing, and be ready to relax and open yourself to learning self-healing cultivation techniques. You don’t have to make the movements perfect, and you don’t have to be all serious! Just relax and enjoy the feeling of Authentic Qi!

“Stephanie’s focus and dedication to the practice is superior. She seems to breathe the techniques and sequences from her bones and yet at the same time is very conscious of how the instruction is being received by the students so learning is maximized. She brings a deep level of awareness to the practice which changes the energy of the group to one of acceptance and openness. I really appreciated her approach, encouragement and helpfulness. The practice itself of Yi Ren is very powerful. I felt a strong connection to my energy systems and the benefits of the different techniques. I would highly recommend this school of Qigong as well as Stephanie as an instructor.”

Qigong Student

Private Qigong Sessions Customized to Your Needs

Private Sessions: In-person sessions if on San Juan Island, WA; on-line sessions if Off-Island. $125 per 90-minute session if a one-time booking. Pre-paid 4 or more sessions, $95 per 90-minute session.  Contact me to schedule your preferred time, [email protected], 360.940.0063

More about Qigong

Excerpt from  Qi:The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness, Summer 2018, article by Stephanie D. Harper:

‘Qigong is practiced in the internal and external habits that mold us, shaping the outward expression of our lives. Our bodies, like nature, grow from the inside out. Thus, we practice cultivating our qi in our body, organs and the wisdom mind, building the spirit temple in the heart every day. We become soft, supple, strong and responsive, full of vital life force, and become our own alchemists as we transform energy in the body. In turn, we come more in tune with elements within us and within existence, thus we come in to harmony with ourselves and the universe. With practice it comes with ease.”

Testimony from Students

“I’m more able to control my internal stress…”

“This class has helped me listen…to life, self, nature, myself”

“I have increased ability to release and let go of negative experiences…”

“I would encourage anyone to try it on for size, as the benefits could be far reaching.”

“Worthwhile class – tip of a positive iceberg..or energy-berg”

“Stephanie has a lovely gentle way about her, exudes kindness, is clear, and very approachable.”

“Very grounding, supportive and easy to follow.”

“Stephanie holds the energy in the room beautifully, and enhances the students’ experience of their own energies”