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Sacred Earth: Teacher, Healer

I’m looking forward to a free summit that my friend Elizabeth Walker has pulled together. Called Sacred Earth: Teacher, Healer, it starts on Jun 7th and runs through June 13th . It features 15 visionary leaders offering their expertise on an expansive range of topics including:

  • Nature’s bounty as medicine
  • Earth-based alchemical healing
  • Animal and plant spirit allies
  • Speaking with nature
  • Nurturing a life economy
  • “Medicine” horse
  • Nature-based business modeling
  • And many more

These brilliant minds (and hearts) are bringing forth ancient traditions and practices in which the Earth is revered as co-creator and primary ally. Take this journey with them and learn the different ways we intersect with the wisdom and healing energies of nature and realize it is available to all of us, all of the time for our own healing and becoming whole. To find out more and to register, go here:

The Earth and all its beings are here to help us achieve sustainable wellness and prosperity. In turn, when we honor this sacred relationship, the planet can be more in balance and heal.

With this summit, I invite you to explore the idea of how easy it can be to deepen your vital connection with nature and experience these teaching and healing powers for your own transformation into brilliance and for the well-being of your relationships and community.

To read more about and to register for the Sacred Earth: Teacher, Healer Summit, click here:

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