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Simple Exercise to Find Your Calm

Simple Exercise to Find Your CalmThough most of us look forward to the holidays, it can also be a stressful time. With all the shopping, preparing the house for guests, extra cooking and baking, it’s easy to become stressed and impatient. 

Here is a simple exercise you can do any time, any where, to instantly bring the energy down and calm yourself. 

How to Do It:

Stand or sit with your feet roughly hip distance apart. Gently relax the knees if you are standing. Bring the mind back to the body. Put the tongue at the floor of the mouth. Take a few deep, slow breaths, bringing the breath all the way down in the diaphragm (also called belly breathing.)

Bring the hands at a comfortable distance in front of the solar plexus area, palms facing the body. Inhale as you focus deep into the middle of the body (Wisdom Gate area.) Then turn the palms facing down. Exhale, with attention to the bottoms of the feet, at the middle, just below the ball of the foot (K1, Bubbling Spring points.) 

Repeat this sequence, moving the palms facing the body, focusing on the Wisdom Gate, then palms facing down, focusing on the Bubbling Spring point at the bottom of the feet. Gradually make the exhale slower, feeling the body relax as the energy comes down. 

Do this as many times as needed, until you feel calm again. If you are not in a place where you can do this in private, you can still do the motions in your mind and feel the results. 

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