Sharing what I’ve learned and helping people reconnect with their inner wisdom is the reason I’m in business. I love hearing their feedback and positive results

Here’s What People are Saying About My 5-Day Kick Start Immersion Retreat:

” A visit with Stephanie on the island was the antidote that allowed for inner relaxation, silence and healing. I love the incredible land on her property; it allowed me to drop into connection with the natural world and myself. Her warm, cozy kitchen, and her graciousness was like arriving home. It brought me a deep centering, listening to all the birds when I awoke in the morning, calling me to the beauty of the day. She shared with me a very secluded, stunning spot in a forest overlooking a lovely, lapping lagoon, epic beaches, coves with whales and wildlife all around. A sense of peace pervaded my soul and stayed with me long after I left the island. Stephanie has been through the wringer – from serious physical disorders to emotional abuse and depression. She’s made it through, and she knows how to help other get through too. Time on the island with Stephanie is a powerful way to embody what you need to learn to help yourself, stay healthy and center in the silence of truth. ” ~Ashera

“I had the great fortune of staying with Stephanie on San Juan Island in the middle of nowhere. That ‘middle of nowhere’ ended up being the center of everything.  The quiet retreat, the health of that sublime healthy food that I ate over several days and Stephanie’s hospitality were really life changing. I had the opportunity to spend down-time with myself and also to connect inwards. I was in a real place of change and I left there very, very clear. I had actually a life-changing epiphany that now 6 months later is still with me. So I want to encourage you, if you are considering staying with Stephanie and going to her retreat center, if you are in the midst of change, don’t walk, run to her place. I have no hesitations. It’s just beautiful and sublime and delicious and calm. Calm in a way that connects you to a real sense of confidence within so that you can go back to wherever you came from with more clarity and more confidence to express yourself in the world. Thank you, Stephanie, I really appreciated that beautiful gift of time in your retreat center and imbibing of your delicious leadership. Thank, you.~ Eliana Gilad, Founder of Voices of Eden, the Ancient Healing and Wisdom Institute.


“There is amazing, soothing energy on the island that is magnified by time spent with Stephanie. I instantly felt at home, and there is nothing like the peaceful atmosphere on her remote property, the joy of watching deer outside the sun room, and the beauty of the special places she takes you on the forest and bay-side trails. Stephanie definitely walks the talk! She quickly puts together simple , scrumptious, healthy meals, and I especially loved our elegant picnics. (Her vegan chocolate mousse is killer!) If you want to learn healthy habits for life, this is definitely the way to go!” ~ Elizabeth W.

Here’s What People are Saying About My Cooking Classes:

Just thinking differently about the different kinds of vegetables and beans and squashes and sweet potatoes. How you can combine them in ways you might not previously have thought to make some healthy and wonderful meals. and also time-saving techniques, because we do have busy lives and it’s nice to be able to come home and whip something up that’s tasty. and you can easily make a soup and freeze. That was well worth it, and thank you very much!”  ~ Kari M

It’s really wonderfully fun to come into someone’s kitchen who cares so much about food and about helping other people learn about it. And just to see the variety of different things. I’m leaving after a couple hours here with things I already know that I can cook, just watching what happened today. And also just different ideas about leaving here with at least four things to cook and some snacks, and some ideas about how to make out tiny kitchen more effective. Also new fun things, new healthy things that we can add into our normal life. I also know about four different kinds of beans that I’d never heard of! Take this class if you want to learn about interesting beans.It was great!” ~ Megan C

“On top of all that, all the time-saving techniques, particularly the steamer to bring things back to life after they’ve been in the freezer. That was revelatory! ~ Tim D

“This class frees you in your imagination for all the combinations. Everything goes together. You read recipes and you get too ‘Catholic’ about it – you get really frustrated because you’re always missing that one thing you forgot to get. Now I can see that everything can go. I’d like to come again!” ~ Mary C.

“The idea of pre-cooking beans was something I’ve never even considered I buy canned beans, but there’s a lot more variety of heirloom beans that don’t come canned.” ~ Kat C

Here’s What People are Saying About My Live Workshops:

“…the workshop was great. All attendees enjoyed what they learned, and hopefully will continue to benefit. Your ripple effects of health and positivity are already underway.” ~Karen van Price, Heavenly Yoga Studio, Owner, Prescott, AZ

“While involved in this workshop I experienced no Parkinsons shaking or shoulder pain! The workshop was uplifting and honest.” ~ Scott M.

“Come to this workshop and learn how to relax!” ~ Gloria R.

“Wonderful class! I love Qi Gong and this was such a wonderful reminder to stay true to my heart and take care of myself and never stop moving. Just Do it!! No Excuses!” ~ Stacey K.

“What I found most useful was the important of mind, body, spirit, and health and learning to ALLOW the time to nourish myself in these four areas.” ~ Michele S.

“This workshop will deepen my Qi Gong class.” ~ Toni M.

“Hi, Stephanie…I want to thank you for your presentation last Weds. I appreciate your candor, your passion and willingness to show it, and the knowledge your shared.” ~ Gay G.

“…your presentation last week was important because it delivered the message of Holistic Healing, and I wager many of the women there had never thought in those terms. Who knows what and where the impact of your message will land!As I watch the years flash before my eyes, it becomes so apparent that change happens, in our bodies, on our earth, and hopefully in our minds. It is not a bad thing.  Your witness to a change in dealing with our health can only be seen as positive.” ~Carolee M.

“I so enjoyed your presentation and [our Program Chairperson has] heard great feedback from the other folks as well.” ~ Diana M.

 Here’s What People are Saying About Live Movement Classes:

“I had the chance to attend this class at the end of September, and it was wonderful! I’m 6’4”, over 300 lbs, and my body has all the aches and pains you’d expect from carrying this much weight.

“The class was perfect because it was ‘gentle on my joints’, but did get my body moving. Much of what we did was while we were seated, but there was a bit of standing so we could improve our balance.”

The class was perfect (for me!) for beginners and those who generally have too much pain to do much in the way of exercising. If you are fortunate to live in Friday Harbor (don’t I wish!), you need to go by on Thursday morning at 9:30 am to Village at the Harbor.

You will be glad you did! Thanks for a great class, Stephanie!” ~ George C.

 “On the way home I had this great feeling. It was like I had taken a deep breath.” ~ Mary C.

“I have started taking the Infinite Body Joyful Joints class. Stephanie Prima is the instructor. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am used to going to the gym and taking high /low cardio classes, kick boxing, circuit training, and lifting.  Now that I am 51 yrs old. I didn’t want to hit the gym anymore. I heard from Stephanie that she was going to start teaching Infinite Body and Joyful Joints. I figure why not give it a try. I tell you, what a great class. I had no idea that I haven’t been aligning by body properly. What I mean about body alignment, how you hold your head, how each vertebra is stacked on top of each other, knees bent slightly in align with the hips and how you grow roots from your heels into the ground.  Once you are in alignment you can feel every muscle from your feet up to your hips.  Learning how to breath deeper and exhale slower and adding in the arm movements. This all takes focus. I am amazed how I am able to focus. Wow, by the end of class I can feel that I have had a great work out, and I just feel great. This is a class for all ages. Anyone who takes this class will fill great at the end of each class.” ~ Erin D

“I have been attending Stephanie’s exercise classes for about 2 months and wanted to share my feelings about the classes.

“Being overweight and 75 years old, I just didn’t feel that I was able to do exercises like you see on television, so I went to her class.

“Since being to them, I am able to breathe a lot better, breaths in a way that it increases the energy in my body.  I am able to move better and with little discomfort and have much improved with balance.  I find myself breathing and exercising a lot without realizing I am doing it.  When I get an ache, say in my ankles, I do the exercises and I no longer ache.

“These classes have been wonderful for me, and Stephanie is an excellent teacher and makes these classes fun  and puts us in tune with nature and an improved feeling of life.” ~ Lareine C

“Really enjoyed the afternoon session, and did not suffer any ill effects like being awake all night.  I find that these movements are helping me to be more mindful, and that is the key, I believe, to dealing with my clumsiness.  Also, my ankles are not hurting as much but that could be in part because I am not tripping up and down the stairs at the inns anymore.You are teaching me to be mindful …” ~ Diana M

“I am loving the class and feel so wonderful afterwards.  I need the discipline to practice during the week.” ~ Felicity M

“Your classes were so invigorating and when I would leave, I would have lots of energy, able to walk better and in less pain.  The Tues class was good and it gave me the exercise and joint relaxing but not quite as much as yours. Thank you for having me in your classes and also dietary ideas.” ~ LaReine C

“The movements are so smooth and simple, but the effect and the feeling afterwards is GREAT!” ~ Felicity M

  “I am a 73 year old woman who has attended my very first “Holistic Healing” class with Stephanie. It was such an enlightening experience for me that I shall continue with a ten week session.

“Most of the movements are precise in nature and are core centered. They seem so simple, but actually I felt once I completed the class that I had exercised. The mental aspect of this class is excellent, my mind was truly focused and most of the clutter disappeared .

“Stephanie, I really enjoyed your class and look forward to many more and learning your technique and knowledge. I am so excited.” ~ Diane C.

“I love the variety of movements and balance as well as being aware of using specific parts of our muscles and body.  Places we don’t normally use or stretch.  Also the meditative relationship to them and YOU!” ~ Carole Sue C

“…[Yesterday} was the first time I’ve ever been to a moving around class. I loved it. Its not only good for Joyce’s P.D. [Parkinson’s Disease], it’s good for me too. I walk the gravel pit daily. This morning I felt my ” core ” was sore!”I guess I did it right. My walk had more of a get up and go this morning.Looking forward to next Monday already.” ~ Gus U