When Did You Stop Singing?

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My friend Ashera Serfaty, of Luminosity Healing Arts, is leading a 3-day retreat coming up called Replenishing Spring: Sacred Sound & Alchemical Shamanic Healing. It will be held at the stunning Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center for 3 days,  June 9th-11th in Duvall, WA (just an hour from Seattle.)

Ashera normally leads these type of trips in Peru, but she is up here in the Pacific Northwest for a few months, gracing us with her gifts. (Yup, the Peru trip is on my bucket list, but I was fortunate to experience her playing singing bowls on my belly and heart, and what a calming experience that was!

This retreat includes:

  •  3 Days Magical Days in Nature
  •   Daily Yoga and Energetic Practices
  •   Andean Shamanic Healing Practices & Journeys
  •   Sacred Sound Healing
  •   Voice & Sound Play
  •   Movement & Dance
  •   Gourmet Nourishing delicious organic meals
  •   Fire & Water Blessings Ceremonies
  •   Free time for trail walking
  •   Soaking in the Hot tub
  •   Meditation
  •   Play

For more information and to register, click here: http://luminosityhealingarts.com/spring-sacred-sound-wa/

Ashera reminds us to live with our heart singing. “Are you living your life with your heart singing?  Life can be a joyful song when we learn to drink from life’s source. This key, requires remembering that we are connected to a wellspring of divine energy.  As we tap into our own unique soul journey, our inspirations, and the way we connect with the divine there is a well of energy and support available.

In many traditional societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being dishearted, dispirited or depressed, they would ask:

When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?”

Join Ashera for this opportunity to wake up to what makes your heart sing. And if you want to develop an Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing practice of your own, Ashera has a level 1 training starting June 23rd-25th. You can read more about that here: http://luminosityhealingarts.com/workshops-trainings/






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