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Time and again I hear people lament that they’re getting old.

“Oh, I’m 50, I’m getting old.” Or whatever age. Have you ever said this, even to yourself? It usually starts right about age 49, when you’re dealing with the stress of career, relationships, kids, aging parents, and fast-paced life in general. You see that big ’50’ coming up, and you think about how you’d love to retire and what you’d like to do.

That thought is quickly squelched as the reality of your current busy life comes center stage. You have so many obligations before you can even consider retiring. There’s all those projects and deadlines at work; you liked it at one time but lately it just seems to wear you out. You’re trying to get your kids through college and there’s all those good non-profit organizations that always need help; you’d like to support them, but you’re already running from meeting to meeting and one more request seems like it would be the last straw.

And then there’s your mom (or dad). Oh-my-goodness – you love your her, but it’s so hard to find the patience to respond to all her needs and try to keep her safe and happy as she’s starting to deteriorate before your eyes. And secretly you worry that you’ll suffer the same fate.

Now you’re feeling aches and pains, lower energy, low libido, dry skin and hair, you might have a few extra pounds you can’t seem to get rid of. Your relationship with your spouse or partner is often troubled.  You’re starting to feel ‘stuck’, somewhat depressed, simply worn out, and wondering when it’s ever going to get better.

No WONDER people say ‘It’s hell getting old!’

Well, I choose not to adapt that belief system, and you don’t have to either.

We’ve actually been taught by society that this is what happens as we age. We’re told by doctors that our problems are part of the aging process. We’re taught by media and marketers that youthfulness is the only thing that matters. Women in particular are often marginalized by the health care system as they approach menopause. And we’re taught that helping others is what we’re supposed to do, to give unconditionally; and that tending to our own needs is selfish.

So you see, it’s not your fault that you feel this way. We’ve been brainwashed by societal expectations. We’re led to believe that because our parents or older relatives suffer from diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other common modern ailments, it’s ‘in our genes’ and we’ll head down that same road.

But that’s simply not true! Certainly, we need to be cautious if we’re predisposed, but the science of epigenetics has proven that gene expression is quite fluid and mostly influenced by lifestyle choices.

It is never too late to take charge of your health.

Sometimes it takes a serious jolt to spur us into action. I was living the life I just described, and my own ‘wake up’ call was a diagnosis of cancer. I don’t want you to go down that same slippery slope of lifestyle diseases that can be prevented or reversed with careful attention.

Even if your doctor has already given you bad news, there’s a lot you can do to improve your health and live life with less pain, more self-love and confidence, greater joy, better focus, and the energy of a much younger person – IF you’re ready to step out of the norm and step inside yourself.

Because that’s where your knowledge lies. In our society, we’ve been taught to always look outside ourselves for answers. This fast-paced world touts quick fixes and the latest, greatest product that’s going to make us feel better. We’ve been conditioned to seek out expensive doctors, supplements, diet foods, and consumer goods. Yet most of us haven’t been taught just how powerful we are simply within ourselves as human beings.

That’s where I come in. I’m not here to tell you what to do. My job is to help you re-connect with your body’s inner wisdom; to shift your attention from all that outside noise to your body, your heart, your instinct, to the earth, and to the greater good. Through these connections, you learn the natural way to manage stress; choose the foods that are right for your body; enhance your life force energy; sleep better; focus better; improve your interpersonal relationships – and learn to truly love yourself.  

With this new-found inner wisdom you can wake up well-rested every morning. You have energy to get through the day and you know how to prioritize your day so you can spend time on the things that are most important for YOU. Your whole outlook on life perks up, and funny thing, the excess weight comes off and aches and pains just aren’t as prominent. Your face starts to look brighter somehow, as if there’s light coming from inside shining outwards; people start to tell you how great you look. And you feel….GREAT!

And the best thing about this is that it lasts a lifetime. You no longer have to rely on willpower to do the things you know you ‘should’ be doing. You don’t have to make choices anymore. The behaviors that are best for your well-being just become automatic. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?

I believe you can have this healthy lifestyle.

If You’re Ready for Lasting Change, Start Your Journey Today

Scroll down to schedule a complimentary “Discover Your Path to Minimize Pain and Maximize Energy” session. During this one-hour session you will:

  • Create a sense of clarity about the type of health and aging you really want to have.
    • Sometimes we feel so entrenched in our current way of being that we can’t even fathom what exactly it is we want. This session helps create a very clear vision or goal post.
  • Determine the #1 thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals
    • Our unconscious mind knows what is stopping us from having the whole healthy lifestyle that we want, but usually it takes some thoughtful questioning like I do in this session to bring it to our conscious awareness so we can then take action on it.
  • Discover the essential building blocks for having having the feeling in your body and mind that you want as you age.
    • What are the key steps you would need to take to get to where you want to go?
  • Complete the session knowing whether I am the right person to help you achieve the lively life you truly want.
    • As a result of this session you will have some great insight that you can utilize in whichever way you choose to start your life transformation

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” A visit with Stephanie on the island was the antidote that allowed for inner relaxation, silence and healing. I love the incredible land on her property; it allowed me to drop into connection with the natural world and myself. Her warm, cozy kitchen, and her graciousness was like arriving home. It brought me a deep centering, listening to all the birds when I awoke in the morning, calling me to the beauty of the day. She shared with me a very secluded, stunning spot in a forest overlooking a lovely, lapping lagoon, epic beaches, coves with whales and wildlife all around. A sense of peace pervaded my soul and stayed with me long after I left the island. Stephanie has been through the wringer – from serious physical disorders to emotional abuse and depression. She’s made it through, and she knows how to help other get through too. Time on the island with Stephanie is a powerful way to embody what you need to learn to help yourself, stay healthy and center in the silence of truth. ” ~Ashera



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