About Me

MOVE INTO MINDFULNESS came into being as a natural progression of my holistic healing journey from cancer and total life transformation. 

Now I work with people who are beginning to feel the pain of aging and are afraid of that slippery slope. I help them age with less pain and the energy of a much younger person. And I LOVE helping people FEEL BETTER!

Use the Contact Us page to reach me for:

  • Private Health Coaching
  • Private Qigong Lessons
  • Private Cooking Lessons

After finding tremendous healing benefits from the holistic approach and Qigong, Stephanie Prima trained to teach two styles of Qigong and holds several Teaching Certifications.

She also trained in a Results Coaching Fundamentals program, is in the process of completing her vegan nutrition certification, as she continues Qigong training for advanced level teaching.

She holds a two-year Culinary Arts program certification, and was the editor/publisher of a food journal in Central California.

Stephanie has been awarded training scholarships from:

  • The State of Washington Dept. Of Health 
  • The Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine 
  • Leadership San Juan Islands