About Me

MOVE INTO MINDFULNESS came into being as a natural progression of my holistic healing journey from cancer and total life transformation. I’m still peeling back the layers and working on my personal and spiritual journey, but you can read the full story of my initial recovery and transformation here.

I now work with people who are beginning to feel the pain of aging and are afraid of that slippery slope. I help them age with less pain and the energy of a much younger person.

Currently I teach holistic movement classes for a wide range of fitness levels, and offer private lessons and private health mentoring. I also do workshops, tele-classes, and public speaking.

I am a people person, and would love to connect with you; use the Contact Us page to reach me. If you’d like to be informed of availability of classes, tele-classes, regional workshops, and general health tips be sure to sign up for my email updates. Your information is never shared, and you can unsubscribe at any time.